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Daily Routine

We keep to the same daily routine which helps your dog to quickly settle in when they come to stay with us. Our routine is as follows:

8.00 am -12.00am

We open the pop holes to allow the dogs into their outside runs. All the kennels (both inside and out) are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and any dirty bedding changed. The dogs are then fed and given fresh water. All diets are catered for and you are more than welcome to bring food that your dog normally enjoys. Also, any medication your dog requires can be administered and diabetic dogs can be catered for as our staff are trained to give injections as directed.
All the dogs are taken for individual walks. With the owner’s permission, dogs are taken individually on one of the many beautiful walks in the area. We always keep dogs on a lead while walking. If the owner would prefer us not to take their dog off our premises then we can walk on our own 14 acres of land.


12.00am to 1.00pm

The dogs are given a lunchtime treat and are left to settle down in the kennels. This gives them time to relax, have a nap or have a good chew on their toys! Although they are left to have peace and quiet, there is always a member of staff keeping an eye on the dogs at all times.


1.00 pm - 4.00pm

Afternoon walks begin. Again, as in the morning, they are taken for a good walk of at least 20 minutes duration. As well as being walked the dogs spend time in our exercise area.


We feed the dogs and settle the dogs down for the evening.

The dogs are free to use their outside runs until we shut them in for the night at 9.00pm having made sure they all have water and are comfortable. If the owner permits it we give the dogs a small bedtime treat before saying “night night”

We provide a wide range of good quality food for your dog to enjoy. Brands include Bakers, Beta, Chappie, James Wellbeloved, Burns and a variety of tinned food. We are always happy to try and accommodate all diets.   If your dog requires special feeding then please instruct us on the arrival of your dog and we can ensure your instructions are carried out during their stay with us.

Dog’s water bowls are topped up regularly to make sure they always have clean fresh water.

The Kennels is attended by staff at all times.

“We have used Nipstone on numerous occasions and we are more than satisfied with the level of care and attention our two Cavaliers Kiri and Tilly receive.

I think it says it all when both dogs go off quite happily to their holiday home!”

Kiri&Tillly on walk