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There are lots of reasons why we think you should choose Nipstone to look after your dog. We think the main ones are:

Caring, Loving Staff

All of our team really love dogs (why else work in a kennels) and have, or are training for, animal care qualifications. We have a great track record of looking after dogs that need a little bit more care and attention. Maybe because they are very young, old, nervous or have never been in kennels before.
Individual attention. We walk dogs twice a day in our beautiful countryside, on their own or together if they are with the same family. This gives the dogs exercise and a break from the kennels. It also gives us a chance to get to know your dog better.
We can accommodate a variety of diets. We stock a wide range of top quality branded foods and we make sure your dog is  eating. Sometimes this means putting a bit of tuna on their dry food to tempt them. We will discuss this with you when you arrive.
We can give medications or special care. This ranges from giving tablets, ear drops and so on to more hands on care.
A calm kennels is a happy kennels. We follow a consistent routine. This helps the dogs settle in. We use DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheremone) diffusers in the kennels and DAP sprays on bedding.


Our guests love their walks and cuddles .........

Designed for Dogs

We only have 20 kennels. This means we can give your dog the individual attention they deserve, spot when they need a bit of reassurance or fuss, make sure they are eating properly and make sure that they have got clean water. Simple things but they are vitally important to your dog.
The best layout.  Our kennels are organised as two wings with the dog runs outside. The dogs can enjoy fresh air and see what’s going on and they are not facing other dogs, which promotes a calmer environment.
Two outdoor exercise areas.. One is a quarter of an acre and securely fenced. Your dog can have a good run around and play with our staff. If we have two or more dogs (from the same family) they can play together. They can also check out our alpacas and llamas grazing nearby (who are used to the dogs and know they can’t get out!).


Large Dog Run

Optimum Kennel Design


Our exercise area is securely fenced and big enough for all sizes of dog to have a really good run around an play in.

Our kennel layout promotes calmer dogs while allowing fresh air and a good view of what is going on.